Science Course



BSc Computer Science BSc Hons Zoology
BSc Zoology BSc (Hons) Physics
ANM BSc Horticulture Science
BFSc BSc Anaesthesia Technology
Bachelor of Science Hons Botany BSc in Geology
Advance Diploma In Fashion Design B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology
Advance Diploma In Interior Design B.Sc in Medical Record Technology
BSc Actuarial Science BSc Nuclear Medicine Technology
BSc Agriculture BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
BSc Agronomy BSc Operation Theatre Technology
BSc Audiology B.Sc in Optometry
B.Sc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology BSc Renal Dialysis Technology
BSc Aviation B.Sc in X-Ray Technology
BSc Biochemistry B.Sc Industrial Chemistry
Online BSc B.Sc in Industrial Microbiology
BSc Biotechnology B.Sc in Life Science
BSc Cardiac Technology BSc LLB
BSc Cardiovascular Technology BSc MLT
B.Sc Chemistry B.Sc in Medical
B.Sc Computer Application BSc Microbiology
BSc Computer Science BSc Neurophysiology Technology
B.Sc Computer Technology B.Sc in Non-Medical
B.Sc Construction Management BSc Nursing
B.Sc Data Science BSc Perfusion Technology
BSc Economics BSc Physician Assistant
BSc Electronics BSc Psychology
B.Sc Fashion Design B.Sc Respiratory Therapy
B.Sc in Film Designing & TV Production B.Sc Social Sciences
B.Sc in Fisheries B.Sc Sustainable Fashion Design Management
BSc Forestry BSc
BSc Geography BSc in Mathematics
BSc Chemistry BSc Botany
BSc Electronics BSc (Hons) Physics
BSc Statistics BSc Information Technology
Bachelor Of Radiation Technology Bachelor of Library And Information Science


Master Of Pharmacy M.Sc Economics
Interior Design Courses M.Sc Electronics
MSc Admission M.Sc Entomology
M.Sc Anatomy MSc Environmental Science
M.Sc Anthropology M.Sc Fashion Designing
M.Sc Biochemistry M.Sc Food Nutrition
M.Sc Data Science M.Sc Food Science and Nutrition
M.Sc Information Technology M.Sc Forensic Science Admission
M.Sc Applied Chemistry M.Sc Geography Admission
M.Sc Applied Microbiology M.Sc Geology Admission
M.Sc Bioinformatics M.Sc Home Science
M.Sc Biotechnology M.Sc Industrial Chemistry
M.Sc Botany Admission M.Sc Inorganic Chemistry
MSc Chemistry Admission MSc Life Science
M.Sc Clinical Research M.Sc Microbiology
M.Sc Computer Science M.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics
M.Sc Psychology M.Sc Organic Chemistry
M.Sc Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry M.Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
M.Sc Statistics MSc Physics
MSc Zoology

Course Admission 2023-24 
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Engineering Course Management Distance Education
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